Monday, 14 May 2012

Personalised bracelet with a 'Hidden message'

I get a lot of requests for stamping on both sides of a tag or a charm. Most of the time though, I have to say 'no' as normally the stamped letters tend to go through the metal quite deep and make an impression on the reverse side of the tag. It is possible on the thicker pieces but not so easy on the thinner ones.

On this occasion, my customer really liked the Aluminium tag bracelet and wanted another hidden message on the inner side. I was worried about the thickness of the tag but after a little persuasion I thought I would have a go.

I had to stamp one side then sand the back to make a smooth surface and then stamp the reverse and again sand the other side so that both sides were smooth and no stamping marks were showing.
It worked! I was surprised how well it worked and the finished bracelet looks lovely.
Hope you agree.

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