Friday, 11 May 2012

My recent purchase: Raggedy Jennie

You may remember reading on my Facebook page about a recent purchase that I was so excited about.
I received a Like on Facebook from a lovely lady from Milly and Me. When I checked her shop I instantly fell in love with one of her lovely handmade dolls.

After a few messages with Jo, I decided I must have one.
Although I really liked the Raggedy Annie, I thought it may be nice if I asked Jo to change her slightly so that she looked a bit like my 3 year old daughter. I thought she could have blond hair, blue eyes and dimples just like my Jennie and I wanted Jo to add a cream teddy bear who is Jennnie's favourite bear - she always takes her to bed with her (in fact she takes her everywhere!).
Jo was very helpful and offered to make 'raggedy jennie' and even offered to email me some progress photos.
I was even given the choice of hair (see photo below) and could choose the colour of her PJ's.

Jo emailed me a photo of 'Jennie' when she was finished to make sure I was happy with her and I loved her!

She arrived in the post this morning and she is sooo lovely.

My daughter and myself will treasure her forever.
If you would like one of those, please visit Milly and Me Facebook shop

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